Amanda Berzak, founder of NapkinTree.

Amanda Berzak, founder of NapkinTree.


I love to entertain, but needed a solution for outdoor entertaining to keep paper napkins from blowing away. That's when the NapkinTree was born. The beautiful party center piece doubles as a functional paper napkin holder.  You can use your imagination to create all kinds of centerpiece ideas that match your diy ideas for special occasions. You can use one or more colors of paper napkins and pair your NapkinTree with your table decorations.  

I hope you enjoy your new NapkinTree and will consider giving it as a gift.  I've found it makes a great housewarming gift and is also great for office parties, baby showers and of course, picnics.  

You can find us on Pinterest and I'd love to see your NapkinTree creations so please share them or email them to us at and we'll share them. 

Thank you so much for your purchase and I hope that your NapkinTree will be a part of all of your special celebrations.